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Community Skill Exchange

Our Beginnings


Our Beginnings

 Once upon a time in Sacramento there were two friends, Rob and Eileen, comrades as they liked to refer to each other. Boomers, children of the sixties, they had a common bond of caring about community, gardening, cooking and doing service.  But in 2010 one friend, Rob, moved away, in fact 3,000 miles away, to the east coast city of Lynn, Massachusetts.  The friends kept in touch by phone, a little by email but mostly they had long conversations on the phone about what each was up to and marveling at the adventures they were each enjoying. Well one day a marvelous thing happened, Rob joined a time bank in Lynn and told Eileen about the idea.  That is how it all started! 

Inspired by the Sharing Economy concept and the Core Values of time banking, Eileen set it as an intention to start a time bank in Sacramento. Staring a time bank alone is really not an option; you need a village or at least a couple people to bring about such an endeavor.  Eileen set out in search of like-minded folks to help start this time bank in our city. She tabled, gave presentations, set out flyers everywhere and talked about time banking to anyone who would listen.  AND then another marvelous thing happened, Nanci, another friend, Eileen knew from volunteering with the urban farming movement in Sacramento, came to a presentation she gave at the Natural Foods Co-op. A couple days later Nanci called, she wanted to help. So on September 14, 2012 with smiles, enthusiasm and true commitment, Nanci and Eileen held their first organizational meeting. 

On June 1, 2014 Community Skill Exchange~Sacramento became a trading time bank!!


“Our vision is to create community wellbeing by encouraging generosity, trust and support among Sacramento neighbors.” 

When you join a time bank, you will become part of a community who are joined together for the common good.   Time banking can help people to save money, create new friendships and develop new habits as consumers. We empower each other by sharing the wealth of resources in our community, and by creating a network based on generosity and trust.

It's easy for people of all ages and backgrounds to join.  If you live in the area, have skills to offer, need help, and want to meet your neighbors, time banking could be for you! 

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P.S. Rob returned to Sacramento and is now a trading member of Community Skill Exchange!!


Happy Trails to our friend Rob who left planet earth on May 23rd, 2020.

We will miss you comrade.