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Community Skill Exchange

CSE Covid Guidelines for Safe Trading and Gatherings

CSE Covid-19 Trading Guidelines

In the summer of 2020, CSE Sacramento Coordinators surveyed the membership about the health department guidelines that were in effect at that time. The majority were comfortable with those guidelines. Some members with sensitive health or family members at risk preferred a more conservative approach.

The CSE Coordinators decided to give members information so they can make personal informed decisions. A link about California's current health guidelines is below. 

Communication between members on Covid-19 precautions is very important. Please ask your trading partners about their preferences and share yours. CSE encourages traders to discuss:

  • Whether one or both of you will wear a mask
  • Whether to trade indoors or outdoors
  • Your desire to share, or not share, your vaccination status
  • What level of physical closeness or contact you each agree to

In the spirit of our CSE core values, we agree to respect each other’s choices. 

California Department of Health Guidelines: