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Community Skill Exchange

Apply for membership in Community Skill Exchange

Membership Requirements


Hello! We are delighted you are interested in becoming a member of Community Skill Exchange-Sacramento a Friends and Neighbors Time Bank.  There are a couple of steps to complete in order to join the CSE community of traders.  These required steps are a way for us to get to know each other and to answer all your questions before you begin trading your many skills and talents.  We want you to feel confident and enthused about supporting the time bank vision of strengthening community by offering service to others, making new friends and building generosity, trust and support in Sacramento neighborhoods.

  • During this time of social distancing the first step in becoming a member of CSE Timebank we ask Applying Members to fully complete their Profile page on the website.  This should include a verified email address, a picture, the biography and availability.  Normally we meet you at a Monthly Potluck and we answer questions to help decide whether joining the Timebank is a good fit but now we will meet you from your completed Profile. 

  • Next we will schedule a New Member Orientation.  In preparation for the Orientation we will send you the link to a video we would like you to watch, the Member Handbook and the Membership Application documents. The New Member Orientation will be by Zoom or telephone.  We will cover the handbook and answer any questions.  We will also cover the Community Weaver User Guide answering questions regarding the online process.  If you choose to become a member you will fill out the Membership Application and make a contribution of the $10 Individual annual dues.   

  • When you have completed these required prerequisite steps and your member application has been received with the member dues your membership will be reviewed by the Community Weaver Coordinator and will be activated. 

  • A Community Weaver Software Tutorial is offered to any member who needs help with the online process.  We host group and individual software tutorials.  Let us know what your needs are and how we can help.  No computer? We can offer a couple of solutions so please inquire.

  • Check your spam folder if you do not receive an email in 48 hours.  An Applying Member is only approved if they have completed their Profile page, attended a New Member Orientation, sent in a Member Application and paid member dues.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask for help, we are here to give assistance.  Reach CSE Coordinators by clicking contact us

Let the trading begin!